Future of Work in Africa Surveys

At The Afrijob Network, we are running a series of surveys as we look to understand the outlook of the future of work in Africa. What changes in the labor market should employers and employees be prepared for?

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has reflected the need for work places to evolve and meet the needs of a changing workforce. It is therefore paramount that you know what is happening in Africa’s labor market. You can never be too prepared!

Your thoughts and experiences in the job market are important as we step into a new form of work. As an employer, as an employee or as a business owner, what are the key factors shaping the continent’s job market?

Add your voice by participating in any of our surveys below.

In the Future of Work in Africa survey, some of our surveyed professionals stated their reasons to whether they would accept a job offer as follows, professional development, organisational culture, team dynamics, work-life balance among others.

We are constantly looking to help fast growing companies in Africa get the best talent that will help them scale to global enterprises.

Every company needs to tell their story and send the right message to their primary stakeholders, their employees, who are at the front of building and growing these companies to global enterprises.

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