Afrijob Program

How do I apply?

The application process is very simple – there is not even a cover letter! On the Apply page, just fill in your basic information and upload a CV. Press ‘submit’ and you’re done!

What are the dates of the program?

Afrijob offers short-term fellowships, remote work, as well as full-time job opportunities.

For the upcoming summer 2020 internship, fellows are advised to intern for between 8-12 weeks at any point between May and September.

When is the application deadline?

Our applications are accepted on a rolling basis and candidates are encouraged to apply as early as possible.

When will I know whether or not I’ve been accepted?

You will be informed as soon as possible by the Afrijob.org team. 

What costs are covered by the program?

Costs covered by the program will depend on the company partner one is matched with. Some start-ups provide housing, as well as a living stipend. Others will provide fewer amenities. 

What costs are Afrijob fellows expected to cover?

Short-term fellows are responsible for visa fees, travel insurance, the cost of the flight, as well as any miscellaneous costs while in Africa (exploratory travel, souvenirs, etc.). 

Other costs (such as housing and day-to-day living expenses) will depend on the  company partner with whom the fellow is matched.

What fellowship opportunities does Afrijob provide?

Please see Our Partners.

How expensive is Nairobi?

Living costs in Nairobi are relatively cheap. It is possible that a living stipend and housing will be provided for the fellow by the start-up. For transport, Uber and other taxi-hailing services are available in addition to public transportation!

What type of fellows is Afrijob looking for?

We are looking for fellows in all fields and of all backgrounds – everyone is encouraged to apply!

Are Afrijob opportunities available all year round?

Yes! Besides summer internships, we offer remote work opportunities, winterships programs, as well as year-long and full-time programs. Subscribe to our email list to stay updated!

Do I have to adhere to the set dates?

Don’t worry! We can change the dates to fit your schedule. Just apply and contact us. 

Are there fellowship opportunities outside of Nairobi?

Yes! We are quickly expanding fellowship opportunities across Africa. Check out Our Partners page for more information.

I have a question not answered here. Where can I get an answer?

Please send us an e-mail at info@afrijob.org. We will respond as quickly as possible.

Afri-[X] Program

How do I apply?

Apply for the program HERE.

Do I have to be a student to participate?

No- but the program will be focused on recruiting people who are around ‘student age’ (<25 years old or so).

What are the dates of the program?

The program dates are June 1, 2020 – August 1, 2020.

When is the application deadline?

Our applications are accepted on a rolling basis and candidates are encouraged to apply as early as possible.

Do I need to already have a start-up idea when the program begins?

No, but before the Afri-[X] program begins, Afrijob will provide start-up teams with necessary information regarding the ICT and agriculture space in Rwanda, so that teams can begin brainstorming start-up ideas before the program begins and hit the ground running in June. We encourage teams to already have a ‘blueprint’ of the start-up they want to create before the program begins on June 1.

Is remote work possible, or do I have to physically come to Kigali?

Remote work is not possible, all team members must physically come to Kigali for the duration of the program. However, we highly encourage teams to start communicating remotely before the program begins, so as to already have potential product ideas flowing for when teams are physically together in Kigali.

I am very interested in participating in Afri-[X], but am not available for the full duration of the program. Can I still participate?

We handle these situations on a case by case basis, but try to be as flexible and understanding as possible. We recommend that you submit your application HERE and contact us directly to explain your situation- we’ll try our best!

What does Afrijob provide Afri-[X] participants?

During the duration of the Afri-[X] program, Afrijob:

  • Matches entrepreneurs with their founding teams
  • Provides entrepreneurs with a “Startup in a Box” → all documents and information needed for how to create and launch a start-up in Rwanda
  • Pairs entrepreneurs with mentors as well as AfriPros (specialized experts from the greater Afrijob network), who will provide entrepreneurial training and guidance throughout the Afri-[X] program
  • Provides a working space where entrepreneurial teams can bond and develop their product
  • Organizes a ‘demo day’ at the conclusion of the program, teams will pitch their start-ups to a panel consisting of key stakeholders, such as investors, government representatives, experienced entrepreneurs, and industry experts

What am I responsible for?

Participants are responsible for:

  1. (International) travel to/from Kigali
  2. Food, transportation, and housing during the duration of the program
  3. Any necessary visas or immunizations for entry into Rwanda
  4. Program fee of $1000

Is there financial aid?

Yes! Afrijob offers financial aid with respect to the program fee, which can be reduced or waived depending on a participant’s economic background or individual situation. If you are interested in applying for financial aid, please APPLY HERE.

What is the expected cost of living in Kigali?

Estimated monthly living costs in Kigali:

  • Rent: $200-$300/month (a private room in a larger house)
  • Food: $50-$100/month (cooking at home with the occasional restaurant visit)
  • Transportation: $25-$50/month
  • Miscellaneous: $25-$50/month

Total: $300-$500/month

What happens to my start-up after the conclusion of the program?

That is up to you and your team! Ideally, your start-up will continue to operate, potentially join one of Kigali’s many incubator programs or start-up hubs, and evolve into a full-fledged, self-sustaining business.