There has never been a better time to be part of the African startup scene!


Our mission is to bring top talent from all over the world to team up with fast growing start-ups in Africa. We work with African start-ups to provide both short-term programs (winternships and summer internships and gap year internships), remote work, and post-graduate job opportunities on the continent. Afrijob fellows will not only get immersed in a different culture but also gain indispensable work experience that has an immediate impact in Africa.


We aim to increase awareness of the vast entrepreneurial opportunities in Africa. Africa is fast becoming home to a vibrant start-up sector with over 442 active tech hubs and ambitious entrepreneurs creating innovative business models to solve for age-old problems in sectors such as agriculture, financial sectors, healthcare, education, water and energy. Investors are also quickly seeing the value of African start-ups, which received over $168.6 million in funding at the beginning of 2018, surpassing last year’s total of $167.7 million.



Harriet Kariuki

Harriet holds an A.B. in Government and East Asian Studies from Harvard University (2016) and a Master’s degree in Economics and Management from Peking University (2018). Born and raised in Kenya, Harriet is passionate about the role of innovation in solving African problems and as a new driver of economic growth in the continent. Having worked with several startups in Kenya, Harriet understands the value of top talent in fast-growing startups to ensure that they not only scale but also transform lives as a result.


Tre Hunt

Tre holds an A.B. in African Studies and East Asian Studies from Harvard University (2015) and a Master’s degree in International Relations from Peking University (2018). Originally from the United States but currently based in Kenya, he has traveled to over a dozen African countries and sees the Silicon Savannah as a key battlefield in the greater international development arena. Through, he seeks to bring top talent from around the world to team up with local Kenyan startups.     


Brian Osoro, Vanderbilt University ’19
SWVL – Nairobi, Kenya

“After graduation, I wanted to move back to Kenya and contribute meaningfully towards the social and economic development of my home country. Through Afrijob, I was able to secure a full time job at Swvl, a leading techonolgy company in the mass transportation market. Working at Swvl has turned out to be the dream job I never knew I wanted. I get to analyze lots of data and use the data to improve the performance of the company and the experience of our main stakeholders who happen to be the drivers on our platform. Most importantly, I get to make an impact in not only the company but also my home country. The most exciting feeling is watching the company grow from ground up as it gradually revolutionizes the public transport industry in Kenya and the developed world at large. I am grateful to Afrijob for connecting me to this wonderful opportunity and I look forward to a future with endless possibilites.”



Sourahb Harihar, Harvard ’20
Blue Consulting  – Nairobi, Kenya

“Blue Consulting, as a trusted Salesforce partner, is doing stellar work to transform the business landscape in Kenya through an emphasis on learning, innovation and cutting-edge technology deployment. As an intern at Blue Consulting, I got the opportunity to explore the newest artificial intelligence tools provided by Salesforce and test their real-time adaptability for use cases across leading companies in Kenya. The organization enabled me to ramp up on the Einstein AI suite, which is highly interactive, user-friendly and leverages the most advanced AI capabilities, including NLP, NLG, RPA etc. Moreover, thanks to Blue Consulting, through my interaction with some of the leading business in Nairobi, I learned that the appetite among Kenyan businesses for transformative technological change is tremendous. I, therefore,believe that Blue Consulting is poised to be leader in facilitating this transition. A highly collaborative work environment, a genuine appreciation for learning and a client-focused business strategy makes Blue Consulting indeed one of the most exciting places to be!”


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